31 août - 2 septembre 2021

Palais des Congrès Montréal

Forum d'affaires pour les industriels de l'Aéronautique et du Spatial

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    avion chiffres

andrzej rybka

Andrzej Rybka

Aviation Valley
Managing Director

  • Managing Director of the AVIATION VALLEY Cluster
  • Secretary General of APAI - Association of Polish Aviation Industry
  • The Vice – Chairman of ASD Supply Chain and SME Commission
  • Lecturer of the Faculty of Management and Marketing of Rzeszow Technical University 
  • Coordinator of the ‘FORESIGHT FOR THE POLISH AEROSPACE SECTOR’ project
  • Regional coordinator of FP7 CARE – Clean Aerospace REgions project 
  • Regional coordinator of the FP7 BEWARE – Bridging East and West for Aerospace REsearch project
  • Regional coordinator of CNCB – Cluster and Network Cooperation for Business Success in Central Europe project
  • Member of the Steering Committee of  ‘FORESIGHT Poland  2020’ National Program
  • Founder Member of EACP -  European Aerospace Clusters Partnership
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Podkarpackie Region Innovation Strategy
  • Coordinator of INTERREG projects
  • In 1990s, marketing manager of the Honda Motor General Distributor in Poland
  • An airplane pilot and a freelance journalist.

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