March 30 - April 1st, 2021

Palais des Congrès Montréal

Suppliers Forum for the Aeronautic and Space Industry

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  • Suzanne Benoît Aero Montréal
    Témoignage Suzanne Benoit

    AEROMART MONTREAL is a unique gateway to a dynamic, high-performance and innovative world-class supply chain. At this event, you will discover Québec aerospace industry’s depth and all the know-how of its companies. We hope to see you there.

    Suzanne Benoît, President Aéro Montréal

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Virtual-Chief Technology Officer,

logo virtual process27 years’ experience of management and control in manufacturing. My career has allowed me to be directly involved in manufacturing processes in over two hundred (200) different products. Work instruction, quality process, process flow control, automation, optimization, reporting and management tools were the different tasks accomplished during my career. The stagnation of traditional practices as well as the absence of control tools and software management really adapted to the needs of the industries are at the origin of the vision of the software Virtual-Process.

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