April 16 - 18, 2019

Palais des Congrès Montréal

Suppliers Forum for the Aeronautic and Space Industry

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  • Suzanne Benoît Aero Montréal
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    AEROMART MONTREAL is a unique gateway to a dynamic, high-performance and innovative world-class supply chain. At this event, you will discover Québec aerospace industry’s depth and all the know-how of its companies. We hope to see you there.

    Suzanne Benoît, President Aéro Montréal

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Green Aviation Village

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With support from:

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A piece of green sky at AEOMART Montreal 2013

The aerospace industry is taking a commitment to reducing its impact on the environment and consumption of fossil energy.
With skyrocketing air traffic green technologies are becoming a necessity for the industry.

They will showcase their innovations:

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Design for Environment is part of our business strategy to create advanced solutions for mobility and to bring to the market new products that have less impact on environment. For example, the CSeries commercial aircraft promises to deliver a 20% fuel burn advantage and thus 20% fewer CO2 emissions than any in-production aircraft in its segment..

A lifecycle management strategy is used at each stage of the product development to assess and reduce the environmental footprint: material selection, supply chain, manufacturing/ testing, product use and end-of-life considerations.

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NRC is playing a key enabling role in making sustainable aviation a reality and supporting Canada's growing biofuels industry. As part of our recent 'seed-to-sky' initiative, we took an agriculture-based innovation and helped demonstrate it as a commercial product for the aviation industry.

As a result, NRC made history with the world's first flight of a civil aircraft running on a 100% biofuel called ReadiJet™, which is made from Resonance™ oilseed grown in Western Canada. Our unique expertise supported efforts to validate Resonance™-based ReadiJet™ biofuel as a viable and sustainable option for the aviation industry.

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ERA Environmental Management Solutions has been providing the most cost-efficient and reliable materials management software to the aerospace and other industries for nearly two decades, backed by expert support provided within 24 hours.

Our web-based turnkey solution streamlines your inventory management and allows you to share & collect material data across your entire supply chain.

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Esterline Hytek Finishes is a leader in environmentally responsible surface finishing. Ours is the only Airbus-approved facility in North America for Zinc-Nickel plating. We also offer this cadmium replacement for Boeing, Bombardier (pending), and other OEMs.

Our other “green” alternatives include: Citric Passivation, Boric-sulfuric anodize and Airbus Zinc spray.


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SILKAN is at the forefront of high performance simulation, addressing key challenges in the development of Next-gen Aeronautical systems and radically greener Air Transport systems. Our R&D teams are involved in several Eco-design projects for Airframe & Systems, leveraging advanced numerical methods and tools to reduce inputs, outputs and nuisances during aircraft Design (tests & validation), Manufacturing and Maintenance (eg. Model-based in-situ control and monitoring of Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes).Moreover, SILKAN ‘Embedded Simulation’ training solutions help save energy and resources by reducing the use of real « systems » for training end-users and operators.



Should you believe your organization has the right expertise to be part of this specific pavilion, contact us today and we’ll discuss it with you:

Marianne Bohssein
P. + 33 (0)1 41 86 41 98
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