March 30 - April 1st, 2021

Palais des Congrès Montréal

Suppliers Forum for the Aeronautic and Space Industry

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  • Suzanne Benoît Aero Montréal
    Témoignage Suzanne Benoit

    AEROMART MONTREAL is a unique gateway to a dynamic, high-performance and innovative world-class supply chain. At this event, you will discover Québec aerospace industry’s depth and all the know-how of its companies. We hope to see you there.

    Suzanne Benoît, President Aéro Montréal

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manuel ribeiro

Manuel Ribeiro

American Industries
Senior Business Advisor 

With a degree in Communications from the Universidad Regiomontana in Mexico, Manuel Ribeiro began his career in sales, marketing and communications with various companies including, among others, CNN and Smurfit Stone.
He was recruited by Grupo Asercom where he quickly became responsible for the company’s progress in international markets, including Canada.
Mr. Ribeiro, who has lived in Québec for a few years now, is a specialist in business strategies and marketing, has a passion for success and is completely dedicated to his clients' growth, collaborating closely with Corporation Inno-Centre du Québec (a well known Canadian incubator and accelerator), TechBA Montréal, (Main international accelerator for Mexican SME’s) and American Industries Group, as an advisor for companies (Mexican and Canadian) looking for international accelerated growth.
Due to the dynamics of the aerospace sector between Canada and Mexico, many of the companies Mr. Ribeiro is helping, are from the sector or are heading towards it.
He is a member of the Latin American board of trade of Québec, and is committed to become an important factor of trade and business proliferation between Mexico and Canada.

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